Drug Education

What about drug education?

Dealing with sensitive and
controversial issues.

Drug education

Teaching about drugs may be considered sensitive and controversial. Opportunities should be provided for students to discuss and reflect on drug related issues in a non-threatening environment.

In any effective classroom environment, setting ground rules is important. Agreeing upon ground rules enables both the students and the teacher to have a clear understanding of what behaviour is acceptable and expected. Examples of
rules include:

  • respect a person’s right to privacy by not using their name when talking about experiences. The same discussion can occur without breaching anyones’ right to

privacy by using third person e.g. “I know someone who…” or “A person I know…”

  • respect other people’s opinions. Listen to the ideas of others without ‘putting them down’ or harassing them. All people have the right to private beliefs and the purpose of discussion is often to listen to a range of values and attitudes expressed and to reflect on personal values, attitudes and behaviours
  • people have the right not to offer an opinion if they do not wish to
  • each individual is responsible for his or her own behaviour.

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