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About this resource portal

A Teacher’s Resource set
to make a real difference

About this resource portal

This resource provides research,
information, ideas and strategies to
support teachers in assisting students
to explore issues relating to alcohol and to develop skills which enable them to be advocates for their own and others’
health. It provides a range of strategies
and lesson ideas that can be selected
when developing drug education

The resource aims to provide students
with opportunities to:

  • Identify and evaluate the harms
    associated with alcohol use for the
    individual and the community and
    propose strategies for preventing
    or minimising harm
  • Develop strategies and skills for
    responding effectively to situations
    involving challenges and risks
  • Promote the health, safety and wellbeing of self and others


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Resource information
About the book
  • “It Couldn't Happen To Me”
    A Stage 4 and 5 alcohol education
    resource narrative illustrating the
    dangers and effects of drugs
    and alcohol. Learn more »
  • Get the Narrative
    Download a PDF version of the
    “It Couldn't Happen To Me”
    Download PDF »
  • Teaching and
    Learning Ideas

    Teaching and learning
    ideas for the narrative
    “It Couldn't Happen To Me”
    Learn more »
Strategy Tool
A tool for the classroom
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